Tom Beldam

Wildlife Cinematographer and Photographer



— Disney Nature Feature

Shooting on the RED Weapon and DJ I Ronin combo. We lived in a remote Antarctic field camp for six amazing weeks and shot the opening to the film during this time. I was tasked with shooting the journey these amazing animals undertake just to get into the colony, I followed individuals and groups with the gimbal at ground level in order to immerse the viewer in the hardships and successes they endure.

  • Disney Nature
  • Silverback Films
  • Sequence work — Photography
— Amsterdam: City Critters

5 x 35’ TV Series for Warner Bros & PBS.

I shot long lens behavioural sequences for the series which included Storks, Foxes, Parakeets and Coots in the city as well as people based sequences on the RED Epic and DJI Ronin gimbal. I was shooting on the new Varicam 35 and the amazing Canon 50-1000mm for all of the behavioural work.

  • Morbid Eye Pictures
  • Director — Marc Van Fucht
  • Photography — Sequence Work
— Amsterdam: The Wild City

The second feature film I have ever worked on, and this time about wildlife in Amsterdam — The Wild City. I worked on a few long lens behavioural sequences for the film which included Swifts, Sparrow Hawks, Sea Gulls and Foxes. I also really enjoyed shooting an urban bee keeping sequence where we were lucky enough to witness and film a swarm forming. I was the time-lapse DOP for some hyper-lapse sequences too, shooting fast paced ‘commutes’ within the city to help draw similarities between people and the resident wildlife.

  • EMS Films (Holland)
  • Photography — Sequence Work
— Cornwall: Out On The Edge

I was in charge of shooting all of the time-lapse and lapsed time sequences for the film over the course of a year, from capturing a blue bell wood on an early misty morning to showing the effect of turning seasons on the Cornish landscape.

  • Terra Mater
  • Director — Ian McCarthy
  • Photography — Sequence Work
— The Lake District: A Restless Year

Airing late 2016 — The Restless Year concentrates on a turing year in a British wilderness — The Lake District. I was one of the principle cameraman on the film, I was involved in many sequences including behavioural and people based sequences on the Arri Amira and Sony FS 7 with the Canon 50-1000mm. I had a great assistant on the film, Pete Short, and together we shot all of the time-lapses and the lapsed time sequences for the film too, bar Tim Shepherds fantastic close studio time-lapses.

  • BBC 2
  • Photography — Sequence Work
— Holland: The Living Delta

A wildlife feature film about the natural history of Holland, specifically the history of how much of Hollands unique landscape came to be and the wildlife found there. I contributed to a behavioural sequence of Beavers at work in the large tidal expanse known as the Biesbosch. I also shot motion controlled time-lapse sequences which captured the tidal movements across different Dutch landscapes.

  • EMS Films
  • Photography — Sequence Work
— The Hunt

Aired 2015, BBC One — A landmark series about predator-prey-relationships. I worked on a few sequences for The Race Against Time episode of the series, including shooting motion control time-lapse sequences of soldier, sand bubbler crabs and the ‘walking’ Adopus octopus in Australia.

  • Silverback Films — BBC 1
  • Photography — Sequence Work